Consulting Selective pallets - Racking solutions for warehouses

Selective racking System í one of the most pupular storage systems with following advantagees: - Suitable for various types os goods. - Contain heavy goods, loading capacity from 1000 - 4000kg/ tier. - Fast picking rate and flawless stock rotation.

One of the ideas to save warehouse cost in an effective way is sufficient warehouse height. Form that we have more space for storage area of hand-loaded goods that are not heavy in nature. Slow moving stock can be stored on upper levels leaving the ground floor for fast moving stock items.

 Collection of the hottest warehouse racking in 2019

Viet Mechanical Co., LTD specializes in manufacturing all kinds of rack: Selective Rack Drive-in Rack Double Deep Rack VNA Rack Floor Rack

Specializes in manufacturing and installing steel racking, quality products, factory price

Supermarket shelves manufactured by Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd. are designed to be suitable for displaying goods and products such as household goods, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, electronics, or necessities. days, ... Supermarket shelves are not only used in big supermarket units such as BigC, Coop Mart, Mega Market, Aeon Mall, ... but also used in other small and medium business models such as 24h shops, Grocery, mini supermarket, ... are increasingly popular in Vietnam.

VIETFISH 2019 - [ 9/3/2019 ]

Vietfish 2019 takes place at SECC Exhibition & Fair Center District 7, from August 29 to August 31, 2019. Vietfish Exhibition organized by Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), has a history of more than 20 years.

Cách chọn giá để hàng cho nhà kho, quản lí kho chứa hàng thông minh nhất.

Viet Mechanical Co., LTD specializes in manufacturing all kinds of rack: Selective Rack Drive-in Rack Double Deep Rack VNA Rack Floor Rack Medium-duty Rack Mould Rack Factory Rack Steel Pallet Stainless Steel Table, Trolley Multi V steel Rack Assemble Rack


The development of science, technology and technology has spawned many products of many companies, as these products flow from the manufacturer to the end user, through many contractors, contractors. Distributors, dealers and every place they are stored in the warehouse. So the question is how to store this goods most effectively, save the most space and are easy to find and transport.

Racking system automatically - Future warehouse management trends

According to experts, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has an important impact on mechanical production in the present and future, especially regarding to technological governance and production management.


Viet Mechanical's heavy-duty shelves are often used in food storage: selective shelves, double deep racks, VNA racks, radio shuttle racks, drive-in racks, ... Racks are manufactured by existing machinery modern, automatic production lines, steel coils, .. bring outstanding product quality, good load, help manage goods effectively, save warehouse space.


Powder Coating Steel Heavy-duty Pallet often appear in heavy industry, help store and protect goods, prevent moisture and damage. The pallet not only provides the base for assembling, storing, and transporting materials and products but also protect the product on it. Without using pallet or using in the wrong way, it will make it difficult for storage and transport processes which will slow down the import and export process.