About Company
To your business has implemented method of managing goods to international standards such as GSP, GMP, ISO, HACCP, BRC ... in which the management of goods is an extremely necessary. Through the research and learning experiences from advanced countries in Europe and for that we have made in recent years. Now we look forward to bring that experience to serve you for business.

Viet Mechanical advice for free, and installation of systems and products as follows:
  • Production fitting pair of steel racking, racking systems containing industrial goods in storage, workshops (including Selective, drive in racking, racking high load, V shelves, double deep racking..)

  • The cash processing, garage, workshop, storage.

  • Production systems back floor (used to contain goods, production).

  • System display racking (racking contain documents in offices and buildings, book shelves, supermarket racking, racking contain components).

  • System loading pallet (pallet powder coating, zinc pallet embedded hot iron combination pallet wood).

  • Tables, chairs, stainless steel trolley and powder coating service in garment manufacturing, civil, inventory, workshop.

  • The mechanical industry and civil (system core powder coating, office, the pair mounted mobile ...)

  • Processing of mechanical products for export, processing equipment industry.

With a team of engineers interested in blood, rich experience, we will satisfy customers in and abroad. 
Viet Mechanical will provide after-sales service, quality and reasonable price.
We wish your company to prosperity and development in the period of integration.

Best regards!