Medium Duty Racking / Standard Medium Duty Racks - Standard Choice For Your Warehouse Space

Standard Medium Duty Racks - Standard Choice For Your Warehouse Space

Specifications of Standard Medium Duty Racks:


  • Manufacturer: Viet Mechanical
  • Height: 2000 mm
  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Load capacity: 300 kg / layer
  • Frame: Omega steel holes
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Product price: 3,500,000 VND, excluding VAT and shipping fee
  • Number of floors: 4
  • Kind of groove: tole
  • Distance between layers: 600 mm


Beside the standard medium-duty racking line, Viet Mechanical designs and provides free-of-charge drawings of the medium-sized shelves according to warehouse space and customer needs.

Nowadays, the medium-duty shelf is no stranger in the market for medium and small warehouses. For this type of shelf, customers have countless requirements on different sizes, materials and colors. Medium load shelf is a assemble shelving system with medium load, suitable for storing a varied and bulky goods, meeting the needs of management and load - unload goods quickly. Standard medium duty rack consists of pillar legs (omega steel), beam bars, frame bracing, horizontal supports and shelf floors.

Feature of standard medium load shelves:


  • Good bearing capacity: on the current retail market, most types of shelves withstand an average load of 30 kg-150 kg per layer. The load capacity of the standard medium-duty shelf line is up to 300 kg per floor.
  • Optimize warehouse space: Standard medium-load shelves are the optimal solution for small and medium warehouse space. The warehouse has a variety of goods, the quantity is not too much, the loading-unloading speed is not fast, the medium-load shelf is a perfect choice.
  • Durable structure, modern design: Material shelf made of steel, the surface treatment is powder coated according to European standards. The entire shelf does not have any weld, it is connected by bolts, when not using, they can be disassembled individually or moved to another position easily.


Standard medium load shelves are basic to develop all medium shelves in Viet Mechanical. In addition to the standard dimensions above, we can design as required to fit the customer's warehouse.

With the motto "Accompanying and developing with customers", Viet Mechanical Company constantly improves all products and always finds the best solutions, suitable for investment capital and demand of customer.

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