Radio Shuttle Racking System / Semi-Automatic Racking Systems

Semi-Automatic Racking Systems
Radio Shuttle racking system is a semi-automatic racking system that uses robot shuttle placed on racking shelves to perform the importing and exporting goods in the desired position through remote controled by the lift driver. 
Advantages of Radio Shuttle racking system:
  • Time to load and unload goods more quickly
  • Safer for drivers because forklifts do not run into shelves

  • Storage racking system with deep racks
  • Eliminate warehouse walkways, increase shelving space
  • Increase the amount of goods stored in the warehouse
  • Reduce damage to goods because the carriage in the racks is robot

Limitation: initial investment cost is quite high
  • Able to use in cold storage: up to 30 degrees
  • Use sensors to detect the location of pallets to export
  • Be friendly interface to user
  • Move pallets from 1500 kg
  • Work with most types of pallets
  • Use forklifts to move shuttle between shelves

Operating process:

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Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio Shuttle Racking System