Radio Shuttle Racking System / Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio Shuttle racking system is a specially made racking system for radio shuttle which based on the structure of drive-in rack, designed to optimize the capacity by taking advantage of minimum distances. The system consists of consecutive rows of racks, no excess space. The most differences between Drive-In Racks and Shuttle Racks

Forklift run into the shelves

- Drive-in Rack System: use the forklift to lift goods into the shelves.

Lifting Robot - Radio shuttle racking system

- Shuttle Rack System: also use the forklift but the goods will be moved to the right position via a lifting robot.

Pros and cons of radio shuttle rack:

  • Ensuring safety for workers because forklifts do not go into the shelves, reduce collisions between forklifts and shelves.
  • It is suitable for storing large quantities with high space utilization.
  • Avoiding damage to racks because forklifts do not run into shelves.
  • Ability to select goods is low.


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