Update 11/26/2009

11/25/2009. Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd. handed over the shelf system to customers.

Cargo racks are designed in the form of medium-sized pallet lined MDF, taking goods by hand, with support for carts to pick up goods.
Acceptance and handover system has been put into use with the following specifications:
- Shelf system includes 48 ranges.
- 01 row of 37860mm long, including 15 consecutive shelves.
- Shelf high 04 floors beam.
- The height of the shelf is: 3900mm.
- Shelf is lined with MDF boards.
Racking system is manufactured, installed and completed in 27 days. 3 days ahead of schedule.

Viet Mechanical Co., LTD specializes in manufacturing all kinds of rack:

  • Selective Rack
  • Drive-in Rack
  • Double Deep Rack
  • VNA Rack
  • Floor Rack
  • Medium-duty Rack
  • Mould Rack
  • Factory Rack
  • Steel Pallet
  • Stainless Steel Table, Trolley
  • Multi V steel Rack
  • Assemble Rack


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