Medium duty rack

Update 8/20/2012

Handover Medium racking system for Sacombank

March 2012 Sacombank proceeded to invite competitive offers for Sacombank's general depot. Viet Mechanical has been bid winning and proceeded make a sample shelf for investor.

Project included 12 warehouse.The total number of shelves around 1080 pcs.

Warehouse shelving system is produced according to the standards, codes, materials used, the sample approved by the investor.

Sample was produced, installed, test load capacity satisfactory on 04/06/2012.

Viet Mechanical is very interested in occupational safety, sanitation, fire protection to ensure good occupational safety and hygiene at the production environment as well as in construction sites.


Shelving system is produced and installation in 44 days, completed on 19/06/2012

On 20/07/2012 two party proceeded to handover racking system.

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