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Update 1/17/2009

The competitiveness of the mechanics of Vietnam is not high. When Viet Nam in the international economy, the protection the fence is annulled, the mechanics will be difficult.

Research strategy and industrial policy (Ministry of Industry) for the ranking table of the competition, divided into 3 groups including groups competitiveness; groups can compete with conditions and group competitiveness is low, the mechanics Vietnam was assigned to position 6 of 19 Categories of group capable of competing with conditions.
       In the field can be competitive as manufacturing equipment non-standard, in the small size of under 30 horsepower, manufactured the entire device, the engine power, wire and cable ... also requires the support innovation investment equipment and technology, increase access and expand the market, the more likely new in performance.

        But as the specialized manufacturing machinery and machine tool accuracy, automobile production, manufacture of spare parts, machinery for the Textile-garment industry, leather-shoes, wine-beer-soft drinks ... are specialized in difficult competitive if not invested properly in the policy of protection of the state.

       Existence of the largest mechanical Vietnam is most manufacturing processes by technology closed, lack of modern factories, main to the center of expertise, cooperation and . technology manufacturing mechanical domestic general technology is simple, compared to the backward areas.

       Time, mechanics have also many flourishes, some achieve great success. If in the early 1990s mechanics meet only 8-10% in domestic demand, the stage is now meeting the needs of 35%. The growth of engineering from 1995 to 2005 was over 40% per year. Currently mechanics exported reach about 1 billion dollars per year. But perhaps due to come from points too low, the stage is drop in, is investing too little when entering in the mechanics sector will face many challenges the most.

       According to Nguyen Xuan Standard - Chairman of mechanical Vietnam, when to step in, mechanics will get 6 big challenge:

        When the WTO to protect and remove the tax, the only remaining technical barriers. But now we do not have the technical barriers legally sufficient strong enough force to protect the product mechanical key. First is the technology base needed to prevent the import of tourism products at the technical and quality low. In addition we do not have sufficient means to test the standards for mechanical products.

        Management market weak, liquid climb happening for mechanical products. Do not have sufficient facilities and equipment to check the level of managers and market the products do not meet mechanical standards will still be circulating in the market, a long, Household will Hoanh process.

       Mechanics there is a lack many specialized associations to gather and coordinate the assignment of expertise, cooperation and increase competitive strength.

       Marketing capability is weak. The enterprise engineering our only knows the products, marketing also selling the very poor.

      Mechanics require quality work high, while Vietnam now has only 19% of workers are trained. Number of employees at the university and higher than only 15%. This is a big challenge needs a lot of time and effort to overcome the new.

       Energy consulting and design of mechanical low so we have to hire consultants, design, purchase foreign to the product and important.

       Vietnam is a market mechanics is quite large. Market mechanics of Vietnam's growth are strong. If the 1995 value of imported gas in Vietnam in 2967 just as the U.S. in 2005 to approximately USD 11 billion not including products made in the needs on the spot. Experts said the gas market of Vietnam is reached about 16 billion USD per year growth rate of not less than 20% per year. This is a potential market that many foreign companies are directed to.

        Analysis of this issue, Mr. Ngo Van Tru - The mechanical metallurgy and chemical Industry Ministry said in terms of commercial aspects of the ASEAN countries as one similar to the resources, but they can have for capital and technology so the competition will nanng than us. ASEAN also has strategies to export earlier than us.

        Currently the trade between ASEAN countries has increased. In the period 2000-2005 percentage of trade among member countries has accounted for 35% of the total turnover of import-export, in which the items under CEPT (List curbing tax general AFTA) occupies a larger proportion of turnover trade. Export turnover of Vietnam to ASEAN accounted for 1 / 4 of total exports, while import from ASEAN accounted for 1 / 3 of total import turnover. So with ASEAN of Vietnam in the super-enter.

      Structure of products, we export to ASEAN mainly include crude oil, rice, beans, rubber, coffee, Handicrafts, fresh fruits, aquatic products ... The products of this ASEAN CEPT to cut tax to only a very small proportion of, so we do not benefit from export. Stimulating effect mainly by CEPT is to rows in the industrial processing, but the level of processing is lower than the ASEAN countries so they will have more advantages in the evolution of goods to us. So can going to conclude with the export as the current benefits that Vietnam from AFTA is not significant.

       If the industry as rapidly increase the competitiveness of the ASEAN countries will take advantage of CEPT to grasp a larger market share in Vietnam.

       The objective of mechanics by 2010 is to meet 45% -50% needs domestic product, of which exports reached 30% of output.

       Talk about this issue from the air that if not have a program with the overall content and date of the mechanics can be difficult to achieve objectives.

       The content that is to invest up to study science and technology in the field of mechanics to be able to improve their design, to more advanced techniques, implementation guideline to pick off first to achieve modern levels; development industry support, focuses on product engineering major, ie groups with the ability to compete in order to transfer the products and export; strengthen links assigned to professional and trade ... Thus new mechanics to increase the integration is to close.

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