Mechanical Vietnam: Increase investment in the scientific and technological

Update 3/21/2009

Thanks to the investment and applied scientific and technological right direction in recent years, the mechanics are developing quite impressive, not only satisfy the needs of industry but also main export push , open new markets for mechanics Vietnam

Nguyen Van Thu, Chairman of Association of Mechanical Company (Vietnam VAMI) affirmed, without scientific and technological sure the production of gas can not be progress. Want new products, products of high quality, it must invest in scientific and technological, that is the way all of the businesses (DN). Investment in scientific and technological and scientific and technological considered a spine for the development of enterprises, thereby creating a very effective platform for engineering in the future.

Reveal more limited

Currently, the enterprises when Vietnam mainly new investment in equipment but less attention to the development of human, technology, information technology and technology organization. Force of scientific and technological enterprises in the level of weak and lacking in quantity, especially the number of technical personnel involved in active scientific and technological, including the business of foreign investment is very slim. With the scientific and technological such enterprises mechanical difficulty can get large investments to renovate technologies. According to Mr. Tran Viet Hung, Vice President of the General Assembly as Vietnam, if compared with the own face in the level of technology, especially the level of automation and apply information technology in enterprises has increased more compared with before, but if compared with regional and international level, the technology of mechanical engineering enterprises in Vietnam are increasing lag distance.

Although recently mechanics had a growth rate is quite high but not ensure the sustainability and mechanical products have value low. This is because the level of technology without the development of breakthrough. Retrieved criterion value goods as examples, although the export goods have been processed are increasing, but in terms of structure, the ratio of export raw goods industry and is still increasing faster than the mechanical products accurate, high technology. On the other hand, the Association of Business mechanical Vietnam (VAMI), up to now, mechanics, about 53 thousand base production attracted over 500 thousand workers, but on average only about 9.4 workers / basis of production per worker and production of the goods value of 226 million / year. This could see the production of mechanical Vietnam is very much smaller, less capital and labor efficiency low.

Not the case, after a long operation in the economic level of focus, mechanics are not interested in investing properly in infrastructure, technology and people. Therefore, when switching to the market mechanism has reveal many shortcomings and weaknesses, without the intervention of the State, it is difficult to overcome. In recent years though the number of enterprises, but many manh acne, the technology for creating backward and equipment not part of many zero depreciation, the level most lag about 2-3 generations compared with the countries in the region (about 25-30 years compared to Thailand). Some units in the industry had to rearrange or dissolution, merger into other units.



According to Ministry of Industry and Commerce, needs mechanical goods including consumer goods and machinery equipment for construction each year about 10 billion USD, not including export products ships, machine tools, steel structure , synchronous devices, electrical equipment ... Therefore, if no investment policies for the mechanics, we will immediately take the domestic market. And so the implementation dreams become industrialized countries in 2020 is difficult to become reality.

Therefore, Mr. Hung said that, to improve their technology, increase competitiveness of enterprises need mechanical implementation of the following solutions: For the state, need to increase expenditure to support the enterprise new, improve their technology through the support cost of training, hire foreign experts, buying new technology, building the scientific and technological to create products that national product reached the level of national and have the ability to export strength. This program must come from products export potential of enterprises and the close cooperation with the research, training and abroad to improve technology, increase competitiveness technology, product technology. Along with that, not support for the production experiment to facilitate the research results to production quickly, the products new technology soon became goods.

On the business needs of important scientific and technological as one of the important content can not be lacking in strategic development of enterprises. Therefore, it should promote cooperation in scientific and technological basis with other production, research facilities, training, special needs to promote international cooperation, active change management process business according to international standards, promote the application of information technology and media in the activities of enterprises (management, production, business ...); invest more for scientific and technological, especially of the to develop scientific and technological. Construction of the new technology in business.


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