Mechanical industry: Move yourself, but not large enough

Update 1/17/2009

"We do not have sufficient means to test the mechanical products meeting the standard. This is alarming is a lot of businesses (enterprises) in the IZ-EPZ technology machines have been used, even to nullity of the country. Thus economic efficiency is not high, but state environmental pollution more serious. However, we still lack the enterprises manufacturing and precision machinery, manufacturing parts, machinery for the textile industry - apparel, leather - shoes. Lack of modern factories, main center for the professional and modernization "- Vu Van Hoa, Head of IZ-EPZ TPHCM said.

Although many enterprises use machinery technology backward, but ... they do not want to replace!. That not only do enterprises producing products with many new people too. Not want to change the new technology took place at both the high-tech enterprises!

According to Nguyen Van Ministry, Deputy General Director of Venture Construction Business and Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan, many enterprises in the mechanical precision in the province TPHCM not salty but the investment in high technology, team workers at the high-tech little.

Enterprises lack these links together, thus losing the first U.S. competition on gay gắt domestic market with foreign enterprises in the future actually is. Currently, many enterprises also mechanical process is the main assembly, less investment in the field of designing and manufacturing all kinds of molds are high-tech.

Still mainly on the ...

For the development of mechanics in general, major obstacles is the lack of breakthroughs in several phases: from the research, design and manufacture the products, the new line for production enterprises , to the investment of modern technology, human resource training of new ... this is for mechanics is whether we have developed than in the past, the manufacturing enterprises in mechanics still mainly do work ... and is more creative.

  Enterprises producing textiles, leather shoes ... do not want the new technology is for equipment in domestic market decreased. While the DN mechanical delay renewing equipment to produce advanced products than to make the supply of machinery equipment decreased. In other words, the development of mechanics in our level of production equipment in industrial technology, production lines are ... big problem from both the supply and demand sides.
Solutions to solve any accounting items and creative development and sustainable business for mechanics? According to Mr. Phan Minh Tan, Director of KH-CN TPHCM, the Design Center to create new devices (NEPTECH) is a unit operating with the purpose to support other units strengthening of production themselves, especially in the field of design and manufacture of machinery, components, mechanical equipments accurate ...

"The Center has invested in computer systems engineering and value more than 1 million two years ago. At NEPTECH can produce 5 axis machine, supported system software general to specific for the design of car ships molds ... Building the infrastructure software to support the business have need to use the software in the design and manufacture. Support production development, product innovation in high technology. "

The NEPTECH the successful production of any type of burning in Boiler quality better than any Chinese use of time equal to any in Europe at present, production and transfer of machine rolling spring rolls Company CHOLIMEX in achieving accuracy to 0.1 gram, 30 reduce worker / machine ...

However, in addition to introducing a support, to further develop the production engineering major, Mr. Phan Minh Tan, said that enterprises need new investment, investment in-depth device and listening and basic phases, as molded, lace, to create big synchronous equipment and technology meet to create more, more clusters of large, complex.

Production equipment with high level complex to replace the product import and export steps. Capacity building design the entire device, mounted an effective technology of each industry. On the other hand, research design, manufacture modern forms (application high) and equipment for processing special. Promote the modernization towards electronic - and settle on computer tools available in the industry.

"To develop mechanics high technology sector must have scientific and technological development. It is a combination of technologies of the era of information technology, technology materials, biotechnology, nano technology to create products with the efficiency, quality, lower price . At present the mechanical products of the enterprises are mainly processed goods, economic value is low and investment is modest "- Mr. Phan Minh Tan said.

By Quoc Hung-SGGP
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