Cơ Khí Việt Vừa Trúng Thầu Kệ Kho, Nhà Máy Xi Măng FiCO

Update 5/17/2009

Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd has just won the tender package: Designing, supplying equipment and materials for the warehouse of spare parts and materials. Tay Ninh cement plant project. Owned by FiCO Cement Joint Stock Company in Tay Ninh as an investor.

Package: Designing, supplying equipment and materials for spare parts warehouse.
Project: Tay Ninh Cement Plant.
Investor: FiCO Tay Ninh Cement Joint Stock Company
1. Warehouse shelf:
- Shelf system includes the following types of shelves:
+ Selective pallets: heavy type, 04 floors with shelves, 6m high shelves, 1200 kg / pallet design load, 10 rows in total.
+ Middle load lined plywood boards: shelves with 05 floors, shelves high 3m, design load 1000 kg / floor, a total of 26 rows.
+ Shelf support (cantilever shelf): shelves with 04 floors, design load 450 kg / floor, a total of 2 ranges.
+ Frame shelf (steel plate shelf): 01 row.
+ Elevator car pick up: 01 vehicles.
2. Cool warehouse:
- Cool storage area: 6500x6000x4000, designed with a temperature of 18 degrees C.
3. The emergency exit: exit door
4. Axial exhaust fan radiator in warehouse.
The progress of bidding package implementation is: 40 days.
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