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Very Narrow Aisle Racking Systems

This is one kind of Selective racking system and is designed to meet the new generation of warehouse up to 11m high.

Mezzanine Racking System - [ 6/19/2015 ]

It's suitable for commodities with medium weight

Occupational safety issues are one of the urgent jobs in any company. To help workers work safely and bring high efficiency for the operation of the job. Working in Shelf Containers | Warehouse shelves are quite dangerous if the types of shelves used in the warehouse are not of quality assurance.

Effective use of warehouse space will create conditions for your company and businesses to use resources effectively and with a clearer orientation. What is efficient warehouse use ???

Viet Mechanical Co., LTD specializes in manufacturing all kinds of rack: Selective Rack Drive-in Rack Double Deep Rack VNA Rack

Kệ Sàn - [ 6/9/2015 ]

One of the ideas to save warehouse cost in an effective way is sufficient warehouse height. Form that we have more space for storage area of hand-loaded goods that are not heavy in nature. Slow moving stock can be stored on upper levels leaving the ground floor for fast moving stock items.

Easy assemble light duty steel shelves boltless - Office, shop and home shelves 2-in-1 Racking is designed and manufactured by Vietnamese mechanics, which can be used for different purposes in life.

Drive in racking system suitable for one sort of goods with large quantity. This racking created to offer maximum storage capacity by using up only minimun space, this Drive-in Drive-Through Racking System consists of blocks undivided by aisles.

Selective Racking System is one of the most popular storage systems with following advantages :

Acceptance, handover and putting into use racking system for Coke’s warehouses.