"Piece" Industrial engineering

Update 1/17/2009

Each year mechanics Vietnam produced over 500 product categories with a total volume of several thousand tons. However, the mechanical products are mainly processed goods, value low.

Most machinery equipment, raw materials still have to import, industrial support poor ...

According to Nguyen Van Thu, Chairman of Association of Mechanical Company (Vietnam VAMI), more than 6 years mechanics are very modest, only at the "flourishes", new products accounting for market share in small countries, to export the small, value-added in total value of goods by mechanical products is low.

In general, the mechanical industry of our country reached new levels in the steel structure and manufacture of machine tools, agricultural processing and small.

It is only those goods on the

Mechanics developed with the participation of many economic sectors, in which many private enterprises are emerging as a positive factor. Many businesses begin to invest capital for production and domestic products and support as the Truong Hai Automobile Company is also better to occupy the market of car and plan assembly bus.

Many other companies are interested in the ability to invest in production projects of mechanical equipment consumers. Corporation Mechanical transport Saigon (Samco), since 2002 only produced a bin truck and used cars, is now one of the top production bus, Coach .. . the domestic rate of 20%.

Some of the application information, upgrading, modernizing machine tools meet improved mechanical products, improve labor productivity and economic efficiency in industrial production lines cable, electrical transformers, electric engines, spare parts, components, electrical equipment that ... Highlights from the design, manufacture the machine transformer voltage 220 KV, superior equipment, the super-important for the hydropower, gas electricity, giàn roof space used.

Industrial ships growth high, average 50% per year, close to many types of ships carrying container, tourism, professional use, power to 53 thousand tons, has developed construction some basis industrial support. Auto industry growth is strong, centralized production, automobile assembly to carry light weight, high ranking, automobile buses, vehicles carrying from 40 to 50 seats, meeting basic needs in water, and the initial export the shipment to South America market.

However, until now mechanics in our country is not investing properly to navigate to a product carrying its own brand which is still mainly on the stages of normal. Specifically, two areas of shipbuilding and the car just stopped in the ring frame and the furniture simple. But the machines and devices are complex to enter foreign.

Mr Thu said that mechanical products we now are mainly process, economic value is low, the technology and equipment at logistics, not to form some key industries manufacture enough equipment synchronous. Most equipment, machinery, raw materials must be imported, industry support poor ...

But according to experts in the industry, the research and development from consultancy, design and technology design and manufacture to the first sector the role of the teacher, the total work force of engineers and skilled workers and there is a lack of capacity.

Quality training mechanical engineers did not meet the practical requirements. Also still lack capital for development, not the strategic market, product and level of business management low. Management market goods to poor mechanical quality low price into the domestic market, caused in unfair competition.

Investment of the mechanical manufacturing

The development of the mechanics, from now to 2010, our country must meet the minimum 45 - 50% need mechanical products in domestic and export 30% of output value, sales to reach from 3.5 to 4 billion USD. The objective of the mechanical key to 2010 and vision to 2020 to focus on the 8 team mechanics as dynamic machines, tractors and agricultural machinery, machine tools, the entire device, the and gas construction, ship mechanics, automobile mechanics and mechanical transport, electrical equipment ...

When Viet Nam in the international economy, the protection the fence is annulled, the mechanics will be difficult. If the state does not focus properly invested to build industrial engineering manufacturing development, have the force of integration, we will take the domestic market.

To overcome the weaknesses of the mechanics as well as enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, VAMI has some suggestions:

- Investment Projects production engineering of the loan is up to 85% of the total investment capital from the capital investment credit of the State, of which 50% of the loan with interest by a half the interest rate does the remaining 35% is the loan interest rate current, the duration of loan 12 years, 2 years do not pay interest, plus 1% bank fee;

- Investment Projects production engineering major loans from the capital investment credit of the State with current interest rate, loan period extended to 20 years;

- State who need a source of finance for private investment for projects mechanical key has approved the plan in 5 years as the implementation of ODA loans to overseas market, the investment projects producing mechanical products key can borrow foreign capital, the Government is considering loan guarantees.

To make mechanical Vietnam continues to grew fast, sustainable and effective, according to Mr. Thu, Government must have the resolution to the large investment our manpower construction industry mechanics.

Specifically from 2015 to now needs to focus on investment for a strong core of industrial engineering is the field of mechanical manufacturing. Thus, we are creating new content for the mechanics on the basis of the new technology, equipment and the training staff at the mechanics for Vietnam to get the implementation process of business and modernization of the route of development of other industries.
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