Kệ khuôn, sản phẩm mới của Cơ Khí Việt

Update 9/5/2009
Kệ khuôn,  sản phẩm mới của Cơ Khí Việt

Mold racking, used for mechanical engineering, plastics ... Helps optimize mold storage problems.

Mold racking, a new finished product of Viet Mechanical Co., Ltd. has produced series for companies with many molds. Help optimize mold storage.
Companies producing mechanical, plastic, electrical ... have a large number of molds, the problem of mold storage is a very urgent issue. Therefore, Viet Mechanical has researched and launched product mold shelf, optimizing mold storage problem. The product has many outstanding features as follows:
- Optimize mold space.
- Safe operation for humans such as: lifting, lowering and exporting.
- Movable slide racks help to mold loading and unloading.
- Improve skills of mold protection and care.
- Load capacity of molds up to 4 Tons / mold.
- Solving the problem of storage for heavy molds.
However, Currently our company is conducting product improvements in the direction of automation. Hopefully in the near future we will provide customers with more and more complete products.
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