Handover racking systems for Thanh Cong JSC

Update 3/1/2013

Handover racking systems for Thanh Cong JSC

October 2012. Viet Mechanical Company has completed assembly racking system for Thanh Cong's warehouse.

Racking systems includes Selective and Drive-in. The design load is: 1000kg/pallet

All of systems are produced and installation in 40 days.

After installation, racking system has been check deflection, load bearing capacity, bending of upright, beam, other details by Quality Measurement Center (Quatest 3)

Test method according to the British Standard. When testing, overload coefficient is n = 1.2 (design of pallet is 1000kg/pallet, when test is 1200kg/pallet).
When test other details such as: beam, upright, rail,etc,… Quatest 3 said all of them are no problem.
After we have load test results of Quatest 3, Viet Mechanical Company and Thanh Cong JSC have conducted testing, handover and put to use racking systems.

Thanks for the confidence of Thanh Cong JSC about our products.

We wish you have more success in the path of integration.

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